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You are a Movie Director

Updated: May 29, 2019

Everyone is a movie director, we just don’t take credit for our movies especially if unpopular.

Over the year I’ve absorbed all types of studies and mainstream ideologies about how the brain works. I wanted to understand how mine worked (to say the least) and the other 6 brains in my big family of different personalities. It has taken a lot longer than I thought to arrive at a satisfying answer.

Most people would agree that our thoughts create our feelings and as a result how we experience things. It’s a common theme in most ideologies. As I was growing up, we were taught that our friends and our environment were very telling and influenced our behaviour and feelings. One of the interesting differences between the generation of my parents (Baby Boomers) is that although they worked very hard to empower their children, they taught us a lot about external influence. I am from Generation X (last year of) but feel more like a Millennial. My peers have all gone down the path of self-exploration, individualistic healing and basically smashing any self-imposed wisdom that tells you that you are dependent on your environment alone. I’m quite spiritual but also a realist and appreciate the scientific side of every argument.   


This March I went on a retreat called Quality of Mind. It was a step up from everything else I’ve come across and the person recommending it was very convinced I’d love it and I did. I couldn’t quite understand what I was going to get out of it but I now realise that’s because I was looking at the matter from the outside-in. Apparently wisdom and science point towards everything being inside-out. Having been on a spiritual journey for many years learning foreign cultures, yoga, meditation and Reiki I get it. But when science backed that up with research, I became excited to finally have a few more insights to bring the whole thing full circle.

You are a movie director and I here is why I say that. The principle is that there are 5 times more neurons going from the back of the brain to the front than from outside of the brain in. So, maybe environment still has an impact but it seems pretty clear that we are writing our own movie scripts (as we think and overthink them in our brains) and when we finally start projecting onto the world, the way we see it is the way we chose to write and see it. The brain isn’t as simple as that of course but this one principle of the mind shifted my perspective so much that now I feel empowered to write an award-winning script and film that movie quick before I come up with my next block buster. The catch however is we are capable of writing rather bad stories as well. What we need is to have a high Quality of Mind and the ability to recognise it when it’s average but looks awesome.

Explore my perspective first hand by going on the 'Quality of Mind' retreat and you’ll see it for yourself.

Do we see reality as it is? to get a feel for understanding the mind and where science is taking us and watch this TED video from Donald Hoffman.

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